is an educational project of Clayhall Community Centre

Please contact us by email regarding your child/ren admissions or any other enquiries regarding Aspire Academy.



Weekday and weekend classes for children from age 5+ following the An-Nasiha Islamic curriculum covering Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Hadith & Sunnah (Prophetic Sayings & Traditions), Seerah (Prophet's Life), Tarikh (History), Aqa'id (Believe), Akhlaq (Good Manners) & Adab (Etiquettes).

Please note all our teachers have graduated from the UK and english is their first language.

Weekday madrasah classes are taught by two male teachers and Weekend madrasah classes are taught by two female teachers.

Our current admission enrolment structure is as follows:

Weekday Madrasah and Hifz Classes (classes are taught by two Qualified Male Teachers)

1. Primary Girls

2. Primary Boys

3. Secondary Boys

Weekend Madrasah Class (classes are taught by two Qualified Female Teachers)

1. Primary Boys

2. Primary Girls

3. Secondary Girl

sisters' events

A multitude of events ranging from Sisters' socials to weekly Tafsir-ul-Quran, Gems of Qur'an, Monthly Dars-e-Bukhari. Please visit our Programs page for all current and upcoming programs/courses & events.

Men activities

Men's Tajweed classes every Sunday covering all abilities ranges (Beginner, Intermediate and advanced).

Daily Riyad-us-Saliheen Study circle after Isha Salah.

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