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Clayhall Islamic Centre is an Independent non-profitable registered charity organisation serving the local community for over 12 years.


Clayhall Islamic Centre - Heathcote Avenue, IG5 0QS
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Please setup a standing order for £30 per month towards our new mosque.


CCC Bank account details for

Lillah and Qarz-e-Hasana



Clayhall Community Centre

Account No. 92542560 - Sort Code: 40-02-44

You can also donate via PayPal

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Hadith: The Prophet Muhammad (s) said:

"Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure,

Allah will build for him a place in Paradise."

Sahih Al-Bukhai

Whatever you give or spend in the way of Allah will be returned to you in manifold increase.

Allah, the most Bountiful and the most Loving, commends: Lend unto God a goodly loan.

Whatever good you shall forward on your behalf you shall find it with God,

as better and richer in reward. 
[al-Muzzammil 73: 20.] 




Your Brothers and Sisters are praying in a very small shop - Please help to Build a Purpose-Built Mosque / Community Centre in Clayhall - London. 

There are over 350+ Muslims households in our locality and we're still growing every year, Alhamdulillah!

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said:
“Whoever removes hardship for a believer in this world, Allah will remove hardship from him on the Day of Judgment.”



  • Clayhall Community Centre - Registered Charity No. 1157196. 

  • In 2012 we fist started - serving the local Muslim community for the last 9+ years.

  • In 2014 Charity was registered.

  • In 2016 we secured a lease for a local shop for Madrasah, currently 70 students are learning Quran including 13 boys and 2 girls in our Hifz Class.

  • In 2018 for the first time we received the permission to pray daily Salah in our facility.

  • In 2020 the expansion work was carried out in the facility and 1st Jumuah Salah was prayed including all 5 daily Salahs.

  • We have been conducting yearly Eid Salahs in the local Rugby fields with 1500+ musallees (Family even - brothers, sisters and children)

  • The existing facility (shop) has a limited capacity of upto 70 people with certain restrictions; hence we can not do further expansion.


"Clayhall Community Centre is a trustworthy organisation that deserves your support to grow."

Total Project Cost: £2.5 Million 

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: 
"Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure, Allah will build for him a place in Paradise."
Sahih Al-Bukhari

A mosque is the heart of any Islamic community, and you can gift this house of Allah (SWT) to those who do not have a dedicated place to congregate and pray with a simple act of Sadaqah Jariyah.

Build a mosque in this world and build your palace in Jannah! 

Mosques are as old as Islam itself; and just as the Prophet (ﷺ) helped to build the first mosque in Medina, you can help bring a first masjid to people who’ve never known the blessings of praying together in a mosque in Clayhall. Please help build a mosque for your brothers and sisters in need. 

Please visit the CCC Gallery page on our website in order to see our Journey:


You can also donate directly via Bank Transfer:

Clayhall Community Centre
Account No. 92542560 
Sort Code: 40-02-44
Payment Reference: Masjid


How often can you help establish a mosque combined with a madrasah, activity and community centre in the capital of a non-Muslim country ? 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our brothers and sisters that may never happen again.

Jazakumullahu khayran

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